Luanti Village Stay

Luanti Village Stay is located in the district of Ranau in Sabah, about 131km or about 2½ hours drive from Kota Kinabalu and it is situated just next to the entrance of Sabah Tea Plantation. The ‘tagal system’ introduced at Moroli River is the best project by the community of ‘Dusun Tindal’ in Ranau for river conservation. The word tagal is a Kadazan-Dusun word (literally means “fishing is prohibited at certain stretch of river”); in other words ‘tagal system’ refers to the preservation of river ecosystem for future generation. In fact this traditional method of river conservation has been a life-long custom of the Dusun in Sabah, yet this traditional approach was almost abandoned by the new generation.

The year of 2006 must be the proudest moment for the Dusun Tindal community when this community-based effort was accorded the Malaysia River Care Award. The award was given to recognise the effort of Luanti Village Stay in protecting, reviving, conserving and managing SUSTAINABLY for the river fisheries resources in Sabah.

The main attraction of Luanti Village Stay is its unique ‘fish massage’; there are a variety of fishes at Moroli River and most of them are about 12 inches long, unlike the tiny fish that we normally see in some fish-massage centres in the city. The most common fish found here is called the Mahseer or ‘ikan pelian’, which comes from the family of Cyprinidae. When one takes a dip in the river, the fishes would start nibbling off dead skin cells, leaving visitors feeling as if they have had a good scrub and a massage.

Another major attraction of Luanti Village Stay is its overnight rafting activities; visitors have three rivers to choose from namely; Liwagu Kawanan River (grade 3-4), Liwagu Kagibangan River (grade 2-3) and Labuk River (grade 1-2). Apart from the thrill and excitement of riding the roaring rapids, this is the only place in Sabah where the rafting activities give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a closer encounter of the remaining virgin lowland rainforest and its fascinating habitants. During night time, while camping by the river bank, the sound of flowing river and enchanting ‘jungle orchestra’ is so mesmerising and to be woken up by the sound of chirping birds in a misty morning and surrounded by lush greenery is an experience that is very hard to come by.

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