A cool thing to share to the world: Lisa Jarmon Gets the Biggest Surprise in Ellen History

Before I call of my day and have my weekend, I was wondering what should I share this week. There are many sad things happened, in the world, our society, people we know, celebrities etc. & particularly our own lives.

We need positive energy! We need to move on, we need to visualize as much positive things as we can. And, God‘s will, I found one video from Youtube that we can share & appreciate and hope for.

This is about Ellen. A wow thing that had been done to the world from our LGBT community. Enjoy the video!

Courtesy to: The Ellen Show Channel

She’s won a car, and all of the 12 Days of Giveaways, but today Lisa Jarmon is getting something no one on the show has ever won before — a new home! The incredible people at KB Home are going to build a custom home for Lisa and her family, who we flew out to be part of the surprise!