Another High School Hate Crime Video Bully in America

The hate crime toward gays is getting worst nowadays. Several internet news reported these bullying took place in the United States of America.

I am very much hoping, Sabah Borneo of Malaysia has no such bullying happening, however if there is, please do not hesitate to let us, Pink Borneo know. We are to stand up for you!

The  following news is taken from Unicornbooty blog:

POSTED BY  ON OCT 28, 2011 – It looks like the bully caught on tape beating a gay student into a concussed puddle at Union-Scioto High School in Chillicothe, Ohio isn’t going to get away with just a three day suspension after all. The Chillicothe Gazettereports that criminal charges are to be brought against him today.

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Pink Borneo Website Selected for Utopia Spicy Website Award

29 October 2011, Saturday [Kota Kinabalu] – I would like to extend billions thanks to you all of your supports from the ‘birthday’ of Pink Borneo idea was generated to our first achievement, that is receiving recognition from Utopia Asia. Cordially thanking Aseh Travel for conducting our gay-friendly tours in Sabah. QBar Kota Kinabalu the only LGBT club in town, Magindanao Conservation providing much helps, Fokasmega Sdn Bhd, supplying our T-shirts for our activities and last but not least to Utopia Asia for your recognition to our Pink Borneo project!

Receiving an email stated: “We have added……  listings at Your website has been selected for our Utopia Spicy Website Award and recommendation to our thousands of daily visitors looking for cool and trendy sites.” this morning, marked the milestone of Pink Borneo’s progress and growth for years to come.

We are looking forward to give you our very best service in Borneo, cheers!!

Savagely beaten, tied to a lamppost and burned alive: Horrific fate of hotel manager who was murdered ‘for being gay’


Killed: Stuart Walker was found found dead with 'horrible injuries' by the side of the road and may have been the victim of a gay hate attack

gay man who was killed and left at the side of the road with ‘horrific’ injuries could have been the victim of a homophobic attack, it has emerged.

It’s believed Stuart Walker, 28, was beaten andburned alive before he was tied to a lamppost and left there in the early hours of Saturday morning.

His charred remains were found by a member of the public at 5am on Saturday in Cumnock,Ayrshire, Scotland.

Detectives today launched a murder inquiry following the grim discovery, with streets in a nearby industrial estate sealed off as part of the ongoing investigation.

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You don’t need to avoid Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia for your Winter Vacation

As per the blog by Unicornbooty, the report on their website is not completely wrong about: Planning a winter vacation? Avoid these gay-executing & imprisoning countries. From my previous writing:

“The gay scene in Malaysia is thriving; although it is still mostly underground, it is basically tolerated by the “live-and-let-live” attitude of the locals.

From travel industry’s perspective, Sabah has all the important qualities to successfully develop Pink Borneo; Sabah has outstanding quality of flora and fauna, and the natives have rich and diverse tradition and culture. Most visitors find that the locals in Sabah are generally friendly to all visitors regardless of their cultural background or sexual orientation. Sabah’s hotel industry is also booming and this provides a wide range of accommodation to suite everyone’s budget and preference. There are also several gay-owned or gay-friendly establishments to support the development of Pink Borneo, ranging form backpacker hostel, pub and club, restaurant, spa centre, hair-salon, boutique, photography, event organiser, etc. Since all major destinations in Sabah such as Sepilok Orangutan Centre, Selingan Turtle Island, Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary, Danum Vally Research Centre, etc. are well documented; visitors find it easy to enjoy their special interests. Finally, with the increasing number of direct flights coming to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah has become accessible to travellers from all over the world.”


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Another shocking news: 15-year-old Gay Teen Commits suicide

This week, Pink Borneo is to focus on awareness of ‘calling’ my people from Sabah pertaining Spirit Day 20/10/2011 that we have translated toKadazandusun languageTadau do Sunduvan – Spirit Day 20th October 2011! I am hoping, my Sabahan LGBT community realizes how lucky we are in this land, to really ponder and feel the pain out there; then to think what we can do to to show at least a little support, for there are too many cases happened out there! Our voice is needed!

latest news on the 17th October 2011, another 15-year-old gay teen committed suicide after Jamey Rodemeyer.

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SPCA KK Awareness and Fund-Raising Campaign – Update

10 October 2011, Kota Kinabalu – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Kota Kinabalu (SPCA KK) had successfully raised an amount of RM7,300.00 on the 8th & 9th October 2011, venue City Mall Kota Kinabalu. Through this campaign, volunteers utilized all their heart, might, mind & strength, hoping to stir awareness to the public of the importance of helping animals from being cruelly treated & urged the public to understand the law that could be applied on those who abuse the animal.

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Gay African man beaten, burned alive by angry mob

Today, I am in extreme sorrow & pain cause I have seen such extreme graphic Youtube of a gay African man been beaten, burned alive by angry mob. Why is this still happening in this modern world? Why people still hate gay so much that they would even kill?

With this heartbreaking thing happened to this poor gay African, I urge, I plea to you, my fellow gay friends of Kota KinabaluSabah, Malaysia & to entire world… Cherish gay friends, acquaintances around you, stop the drama, think of  the true value of mankind, we are hated thus we must love our own community more, unify, and together we become the strength of each other… for we are really blessed to be born in Malaysia indeed!

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