SPCA KK Awareness and Fund-Raising Campaign


10 October 2011, Kota Kinabalu – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Kota Kinabalu (SPCA KK) had successfully raised an amount of RM7,300.00 on the 8th & 9th October 2011, venue City Mall Kota Kinabalu. Through this campaign, volunteers utilized all their heart, might, mind & strength, hoping to stir awareness to the public of the importance of helping animals from being cruelly treated & urged the public to understand the law that could be applied on those who abuse the animal.

This meaningful event was succeeded by Ms. Jenny Chung (second from picture on the right) & a few volunteers either upon invitation or ‘walk-in’. Edward, Rosie, John, Lily Lee, Marcel and Win Son on the first day. Little Zheng Yuan also joined effort to speak for the animals that had been abused, treated cruelly to the public on the second day. Although, only five cats & dogs were successfully adopted during the event, those good people had help to reduce the numbers of rescued animals at the site to 160 mainly cats & dogs. Although the event was over, yet the works of fund raising and public awareness still needed to carry on. Big big thanks to our kind active members, those who had offered and are offering your effort to the rescuing works, vets that still willing to help the animals [debt of around RM8K]. Of these, I urge you my fellow friends, you can support this work by giving donation to SPCA KK, signing up to become members of SPCA KK, adopting rescued animals if you are planning to keep a pet or more (do not buy from pet shop, come to us please!), joining activities like animal rescue, speak for the animals that speak no human languages during awareness campaign & keep these process going!

Email me for ‘how to become SPCA KK’ member.

Click here to contact us or leave a message below should you have any further question, thank you.

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