High School Hate Crime Video Bully

The hate crime toward gays is getting worst nowadays. Several internet news reported these bullying took place in the United States of America.

I am very much hoping, Sabah Borneo of Malaysia has no such bullying happening, however if there is, please do not hesitate to let us, Pink Borneo know. We are to stand up for you!

The following news is taken from Unicornbooty blog:

POSTED BY  ON OCT 28, 2011 – It looks like the bully caught on tape beating a gay student into a concussed puddle at Union-Scioto High School in Chillicothe, Ohio isn’t going to get away with just a three day suspension after all. The Chillicothe Gazettereports that criminal charges are to be brought against him today.

“While the sheriff’s office continues to investigate the motive, Ross County Prosecutor Matt Schmidt said his office is evaluating whether to file an assault or felonious assault charge.

“What people are failing to understand is there isn’t an Ohio law to enhance it (if the assault was motivated by the victim’s sexuality),” Schmidt said.

There is a federal hate crime law, he added, but the federal district attorney would have to file the charge, and Collins could approach him about it. He also said he has not heard from Collins or her son, but certainly is willing to listen to them if they want to talk with him. Schmidt anticipates filing the charge from his office today.


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