Breaking News – Another acid splashing incident

   Natasha (right) shows the effect of acid on the body of flush Mohd. Hafizuddin

KANGAR – “I feel extremely guilty and worried after my friend who was ignominiously splashed with acid. I am leaving this place!”

A 28 years old transgender who is known as Natasha expressed her concerns after the acid splashing incident believed to be associated with the source of jealousy man toward her housemate, in Taman Seri Bakau on last Saturday, 3rd September 2011.

Natasha claimed that she is going to move to a new place with the 20 years old housemate, also the victim Mohd.  Hafizuddin Johari for a peaceful life.

“Ever since we are together, many are not happy with our relationships. We often got threatened and condemned. This incident is frightening to me and for the safety and quality of life, we will move,” said Mohd. Hafizuddin Johari at the Club House Media Perlis.

House in Taman Seri Bakau, Kangar where the acid-splashing incident took place

Wednesday newspaper report of a young man injured in the face and right hand due to splashed with acid by unidentified individual while locking the house gate here in Taman Seri Bakau.

According to the police and Natasha, the motive of the attacking by the 19-year-old suspect because of jealousy occurred when his approach to Natasha was prohibited by the victim.

“We don’t know the suspect. Yet I know maybe due to my personal character and circumstances, many men wanted to be my friends however not everyone got entertained by me.” she said.

Natasha claimed to be the center of the focus because of her appearance as she likes to sing and dance in some of the karaokes around Perlis state.

“I love Hafizuddin because he helped and supported me a lot. And, I also tried to be nice to everyone… ” she said.

The victim, Mohd.  Hafizuddin who is working at food & beverages department said, he would still follow and stay with Natasha as he found compatible life style with her ever since they knew each other four months ago.

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