Borneo in Pink

It’s not a regular thing to have international report that includes Borneo. Thanks to Unicornbooty, from their [Planning A Winter Vacation? Avoid These Gay-Executing & Imprisoning Countries]let’s take a look where is Borneo stands.

Quote from Unicornbooty: “Geography was my favorite subject growing up. Wanna know the capital city of each South American country? I’m your man! Want me to show you on a map where Liechtenstein is? I can show you. I should also mention I won the Geography Spelling Bee in 6th grade. Long story short, I love maps! So I dug up a couple that I thought you would enjoy!”

Sabah Borneo is under the category of Large Penalty to gay community country.

“Countries With The Highest Ratings For ‘Big Love’ “

“Last but not least, if you want to have sexual relations with a prostitute, go to these countries (and wrap it up for the love of God!)”

“So just to clarify, they will throw your gay ass in jail in Senegal, Namibia, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Bangladesh but don’t expect a slap on the hand if you get busted in a brothel.”


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