Another shocking news: 15-year-old Gay Teen Commits suicide

This week, Pink Borneo is to focus on awareness of ‘calling’ my people from Sabah pertaining Spirit Day 20/10/2011 that we have translated to Kadazandusun languageTadau do Sunduvan – Spirit Day 20th October 2011I am hoping, my Sabahan LGBT community realizes how lucky we are in this land, to really ponder and feel the pain out there; then to think what we can do to to show at least a little support, for there are too many cases happened out there! Our voice is needed!

latest news on the 17th October 2011, another 15-year-old gay teen committed suicide after Jamey Rodemeyer. Please click here to read the full story.

Let us lit up even just like little candles that shines in the darkness, when we gathered together, let the warm turned to heat then fire! Let us be fire-up to stand for equal rights!

Courtesy to UnicornBooty


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