Miso Waloi Homestay


Based from the KOPEL office at Mengaris Village, the Miso Walai Homestay program has been operating since the year 2000 and offers an award winning and organised community-basedcultural tourism experience in the Lower Kinabatangan RiverSandakanSabah. With more than 3-language groups and over 20 dialects, the indigenous “Orang Sungai” have a unique and diverse story to tell of their past and changing future alongside the Kinabatangan River.

There are more than 35 family households participating in the Miso Walai Homestay. Each village home is unique. Some homes are large and modern by rural village standards, other homes are rustic and traditional. All homes today have internal bathrooms and separate rooms for guests. Traditional local food is provided, household activities such as learning to cook, village sports and farm activities are part of the experience, as are wildlife encounters in the surrounding forests. We specialise in cultural programs for students, families, groups, and volunteers. We ask visitors to respect our code of cultural conduct to help us preserve our culture and continue to offer authentic insight into our way of life into the future (see responsible tourism link).

Click here to contact us or leave a message below should you have any further question, thank you.


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