Gumayad Walai Homestay

Gumayad Walai Village Stay is located in Bukit Garam, Sandakan,Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. It is a small village located almost 82km fromSandakan on the lower Kinabatangan River. ‘Dusun Sungai’ is the main indigenous community living in this area and most of them are Muslim. Although it is located in a floodplain area, it has the potential to become an important entry point for nature conservation and wildlife observation in Sabah. Its main local attraction is an Ox-Bow Lake, named Tanjung Bulat; visitors can participate in Rainforest Carbon Offset Project here and enjoy a glimpse of elusive Proboscis Monkey and several endemic birds.

Rainforest Carbon Offset Project allows you to offset what remains of your personal contribution to the rise in greenhouse gases, helping to slow down and ultimately reverse the rise in atmospheric CO2 level. This project supports the concept of ecotourism; by purchasing seedlings from the local community, it provides potential employment for the local population and does not affect the culture, lifestyle or well being of nearby inhabitants in any negative way. By planting those seedlings, the new trees protect and extend the rainforest and this helps to save the magnificent endangered species who call the rainforest home, and provide additional migratory routes for animals of all kind.

Click here to contact us or leave a message below should you have any further question, thank you.


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