Gay African man beaten, burned alive by angry mob

Today, I am in extreme sorrow & pain cause I have seen such extreme graphic Youtube of a gay African man been beaten, burned alive by angry mob. Why is this still happening in this modern world? Why people still hate gay so much that they would even kill?

With this heartbreaking thing happened to this poor gay African, I urge, I plea to you, my fellow gay friends of Kota KinabaluSabah, Malaysia & to entire world… Cherish gay friends, acquaintances around you, stop the drama, think of  the true value of mankind, we are hated thus we must love our own community more, unify, and together we become the strength of each other… for we are really blessed to be born in Malaysia indeed!

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5 thoughts on “Gay African man beaten, burned alive by angry mob

    • Hi Montre Bible & Junnie Aiko,

      Thanks for yours comments above. Yes, it is frustrating & sad seeing this kinda thing happened to [human]. It seems like the evolution of mankind is not complete thus the same principle applies to the governments of the world too I suppose. There are so many things that’s beyond our power, the only thing we can do is to take up the responsibility and to create awareness to the public. (for my side)

      To my own land, Sabah, Borneo Malaysia, I am active too… voice out, campaigns etc. I can see Montre & Junnie are people who can ‘feel’ the others’ pain, let utilize the internet power for better tomorrow!

      For further update: The victim was confirmed a theft, not gay. But to me, theft or gay, the crowd had no right whatsoever to KILL! Thus to human rights, we stand up for this cause!

      • Oh, I didn’t know he was a thief, but my anger against the mob remains the same. Are we to be at the mercy of numbers in such a way? Pardon my religious term, but it’s satanic. And I agree with your views and hope you get a platform in which your voice is heard around the world.

  1. Rats… I just had to click on something that would ruin my week. First of all, I’d like to say forget the fact that he was gay. This was a human being. There are murderers treated better. Everything about this video was too disturbing: The fact that he was cornered on all sides, the fact that he was beaten til he had no strength to fight back, and the fact that he knew what they were about to do to him. The mob wasn’t just teasing him like people do in some parts of the U.S.A. That rubber tire was no different than a hangman’s noose. I don’t even want to comment on the rest of the footage. All I know is the only violence I believe in, is the kind that’s coming for his assailants and everybody else’s whose done things any where near this. And that goes for whether it’s been racial, gender specific or anything else.

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