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Welcome to Pink Borneo! Thank you for visiting our blog website, this website is managed by Pink Borneo. By utilizing this wonder method, we are going to liaise with you by regularly update the entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. You are also welcome to leave comments and even messages with each other here.

Pink Borneo is a LGBT (Lesbians , Gays , Bisexual & Trans-gender)  team from Borneo SabahMalaysia; who are concerned at the lack of a Travel Directory that lists gay and lesbian owned and operated accommodation and so on information.

Pink Borneo is also proudly providing customized holidays for LGBT travellers who want to have an educational journey in SabahMalaysia Borneo. We design holiday to have close encounters with the local people’s traditions and cultures Sabah.

It’s our aim be become part of “sustainable & responsible tourism in Sabah Borneo” and thus it is Pink Borneo’s mission to promote ResponsibleTourism in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo where our holiday packages provide visitors with opportunities to explore and re-discover nature at its best and experience Sabah’s rich traditions and cultures without compromising the their qualities to the LGBT community who are visiting Sabah Borneo, Malaysia.

With the knowledge that we have studied up on the destinations, plus the precious experiences of where to go, to do or not to do, to give you a peace of mind to come to Sabah for your honeymoon, or getaway, business trip and so on.

With the development in politics, economy, technology and socio-culture, the concept of ‘DINK’ family has become a common phenomenon.  DINK stands for ‘Dual Income No Kids’; this definition also encompasses singles, couples and small group of adults.

The ‘PINK’ concept is derived from the definition of ‘DINK’ which describes the GLBT community who seeks for non-discriminatory services particularly the ones related to travel and consumer goods. The economic power of this community establishes GLBT individuals as a valuable part of the common society.

Increased income, improved living condition and acceptance of society will provide strong conditions for the emergence of PINK families and this new kind of family is expected to be very common in the future as more GLBT people become parents.

Based on GLBT global research study by Out Now, the travel pattern of PINK travellers remains resilient despite the global recession. Factors influencing such travel pattern include:

  • Growth in GLBT honeymoons market as more GLBT enter into civil partnerships and equal marriages.
  • GLBT travel destinations preferred tend to be long-haul for many.
  • GLBT travel to fulfil specific interests such as diving, golfing, visiting historical landmarks, experiencing new culture, etc.
  • GLBT market represents all ages; young adult, professional, middle-age and retired.
  • GLBT are generally adventurous and well educated; they enjoy nature-based activities.

Sabah has all the qualities to cater for the growing GLBT market as Sabah is renowned for its:

  1. World-class protected Forest Reserves such as Maliau Basin (The Lost World), Danum Valley Research Centre, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Deramakot Forest Reserve, Crocker Range National Park, Kinabatangan Segama Wetlands, Kinabalu National Park, Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, Imbak Canyon Conservation Area, Kulamba Wildlife Reserve, etc.
  2. Marine Sanctuaries such as Turtle Islands National Park, Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Pulau Tiga National Park, Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Sipadan Island, Mantanani Islands, etc.
  3. Fascinating landscapes where all the three highest mountains in Malaysia are located in Sabah; Mount Kinabalu (4093m), Mount Trusmadi (2642m) and Mount Tambuyukon (2579m).
  4. Pristine islands with white sandy beaches and amazing wonders of the underwater world such as Layang Layang, Mabul, Kapalai, Mataking, (Boheydulang, Mantabuan, Sibuan, Maiga, Selakan, Sebangkat, Tetagan, Bodgaya) Gaia, Pandanan, Sibuan, Si-Amil, Bum Bum, Ligitan, Pom Pom, Timba Timba, etc.
  5. Friendly, warm and culturally diverse indigenous communities;  with more than 30 ethic groups such as Bajau, Murut, Dusun, Rungus, Orang Sungai, etc.
  6. We are offering customised holidays for GLBT travellers who are looking for Authentic Sabahan Experiential Holidays in Malaysian Borneo.

Photos courtesy of: www.galtat.com.au & www.gayfriendlyholiday.com/

Click here to contact us or leave a message below should you have any further question, thank you.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Pink Borneo

  1. Hi all
    I’m Felix Liew, born and bred in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I’m proudly Sabahan. Currently living in Penang, I’m gay and unmarried. I support Pink Borneo. Congratulations on the founding of this blogsite and best wishes for your undertakings. And thank you for posting Rev. O.Young’s wedding news. I know Rev. O.Young personally and am also a member of MCC in Kuala Lumpur. See you guys!

    • Hi Felix,

      It’s awesome to have your respond. And, I am proud knowing you from here too. I am glad that you are supporting Pink Borneo, thus allow me to send you update in the future (only after hearing from you again).

      I have the privilege meeting up with him in person & I felt the energy from him in person. It was such a powerful message from his ‘action’, thus I think in my mind that everybody should know him, what he is doing or a better word; what he had ‘contributed’. Meanwhile, I felt like I am actually I am the blessed one, I have met him, and now I received updates about him from a friend; and I should post to share right away!

      I am also reading his books now. Not because of knowing him then I am promoting, but these books are really good books, really inspiring!

      His books:
      1. 愚蠢的马拉西亚
      2. 这是爱,就这么简单
      3. 同志教育 Edugaytion

      I finished the 1st book as per above in 2 hours time, it was that… STRONG message for every Malaysian, must read!! (Pastor Oyoung, will you consider translate your books to English, sure you’ll have many English readers!! ^_^ )

      2nd book is just phenomenal to me. I normally or NEVER wasted my time reading novel. 这是爱,就这么简单 is collection of love stories from various part of the world, I kinda feel, that’s my last book to read in the first place. Turns out, I couldn’t stop reading it… I wept, after finished only the 1st ‘testimony’ and thus I went on & on & on… till I finished the whole book in one day (didn’t count the time as I paused so many times…)

      And for the 3rd book above, I started to write about Sabah Gay Culture from the beginning of this year & yeah, I am still writing, collecting Sabah-Gay-Cultures (SGC) and this book has becoming my inspirationz!!

      I gotta stop here but again, wanna thank you Felix, for your respond & supporting me, supporting Pink Borneo, by sharing this blog to your friends then, thank you so so much!

      Pink Borneo

  2. Hi there, thanks for your acceptance into Pink Borneo. I still don’t know your name, and perhaps we can communicate personal notes via email. Your book project on Sabah gay culture is very interesting. I may be able to contribute some of my experiences (very limited though) to your work. I look forward to your updates. Thank you Mr Pink Borneo!


    • Hi Felix,
      You are most welcome, Pink Borneo is very much appreciate to having your support. I have captured your email and yes, I will write you via email from now.

      Thanks again!
      Pink Borneo

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